Iristel is Canada’s largest and fastest growing carrier providing innovative communication services that are changing how consumers and businesses communicate. Founded in 1999, Toronto-based Iristel operates Canada’s largest facilities-based local voice network extending Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast as well as Ice Wireless, a GSM carrier with operations in Canada's Far North.

Iristel’s success is based on our vision, experience and expertise. Iristel has evolved from a small start-up to an international telecommunications service provider and today we are an industry leader setting the course for tomorrow’s new and exciting wireless IP services.

We offer our OTT, Voice Service Provider and Carrier customers a full suite of domestic and international Local Voice, Wholesale Voice, 911, SMS and Platform services that are supported by Iristel’s unified VoIP and GSM networks. The Iristel VoIP network is a stable, redundant and highly sophisticated network offering coverage to its Canadian and international subscriber base. We provide high-quality service for billions of minutes of international calls and averages more than 250 million minutes per month of voice and fax traffic.

In addition, Iristel offers hosted IP PBX, virtual faxing, virtual roaming, and global IP trunking products and services through its three corporate divisions: Wholesale Carrier, Retail Services and Enterprise Solutions. Our customers include, but are not limited to, residential and commercial customers and ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) and CLECs with Canadian local access requirements.

Iristel is part of the iNum global community and began offering free iNum numbers to customers in 2012. iNum stands for “international Number”, a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world that’s not about distance or national borders. Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular country or city, but iNum numbers follow you wherever you go and allow people from all over the world to call you or your business free of charge to them.

Today, Iristel remains committed to using the most advanced Internet-based technologies to provide Canadians with reliable and cost-effective voice and data services. By building expertise in wireless IP, Iristel is uniquely positioned to deliver exciting capabilities offered by no other VoIP operator in Canada. Iristel is Canada’s global VoIP telephone company.


Iristel has been developed by an outstanding leadership team with proven track record in creating network excellence and through establishing superior customer service standards.

  • Samer Bishay

President & CEO

  • Maged A. Bishara

Vice President of Operations