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Iristel Tops 15 Million Phone Numbers in Canada

With great networks comes great availability. Iristel is Canada’s fastest growing coast-to coast-to coast CLEC and we’ve now hit a new milestone of 15 million phone numbers. Our robust network built over two decades and vast nationwide availability is why so many customers have trusted us to deliver their voice, data and other traffic needs. Read our full press release.


Iristel Partners with dotmobile™

We are pleased that dotmobile has chosen Iristel to be their trusted technology partner its first major network wholesale deal. We both share the same strong belief in providing Canadians with increased choice that helps drive down prices and bring more affordability to Canadians. The future is looking bright for telecom in Canada.


Iristel Strengthens Ties With WiFi-based Text+

Iristel is taking yet another step forward in opening up the telco market for a wider range of users with more individual needs. Through heavier financial investment by Iristel, our Sugar Mobile business is now powered by California-based textPlus. Discover the possibilities!


Fighting Cancer

Staying connected is an important piece to the healing process and we are pleased to help out cancer patients in residences at the FQC facilities, throughout Québec, to keep in close touch with their loved ones, wherever they may be.

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A Generous gift for York University

Iristel founder and CEO, Samer Bishay donates $470,000 to York University's Faculty of Science to enhance labs and stoke innovation.

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Iristel CEO Makes A Splash

Iristel CEO, Samer Bishay, has officially been named as a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award Winner, a people’s choice awards program sponsored by RBC that celebrates the resounding achievements by immigrants who’ve left a big impact culturally, socially, or economically in their own unique ways.