Canadian Immigrant Awards
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$470,000 Donation
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Iristel and textPlus

2020 Canadian Immigrant Awards

For its 14th year, Canadian Immigrant magazine has awarded recognition for the outstanding contributions made to Canadian society by immigrants who live to create a better future for our country and our world. Iristel’s CEO is honoured to be nominated!


Fighting Cancer

Staying connected is an important piece to the healing process and we are pleased to help out cancer patients in residences at the FQC facilities, throughout Québec, to keep in close touch with their loved ones, wherever they may be.

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A Generous gift for York University

Iristel founder and CEO, Samer Bishay donates $470,000 to York University's Faculty of Science to enhance labs and stoke innovation.

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Join The Fight For Fair Prices

Iristel and several other companies in the Canadian telecom industry have banded together with consumers in an effort to bring down cell phone and internet prices for all Canadians - and the challenge is against the "Big 3".  Sign our petition like many other Canadians to have your voice heard by your MP.


Iristel Strengthens Ties With WiFi-based Text+

Iristel is taking yet another step forward in opening up the telco market for a wider range of users with more individual needs. Through heavier financial investment by Iristel, our Sugar Mobile business is now powered by California-based textPlus. Discover the possibilities!


Anti-Spam Tool

Iristel launches a first-of-its-kind tool that allows users to report and block unwanted calls. Users can report numbers by clicking here to fill out a simple form, and we'll get back to you with the results.